Cricket Flour

Cricket flour and cricket protein powder is really the same thing. Some people refer to it as flour but it isn’t a traditional flour as it doesn’t contain gluten. For more information check out our Cricket Flour Nutrition page. Our cricket flour products for sale are all made in Canada and are insanely nutritious, with zero sugar, no weird ingredients, and they taste awesome in your morning smoothie.

All Natural Ingredients

We only work with clean label ingredients without any dairy, gluten or artificial ingredients. But please be mindful to check our list of potential allergens!

Socially Inclusive

Our manufacturing process supports individuals with intellectual disabilities to contribute to their community while realizing their personal goals.

Nutrient Dense

We leave no gram wasted — providing you with 20g protein, zero added sugar, 100% of your daily B12 and a healthy dose of prebiotic fibre and absorbable iron.

Happiness 100% Guaranteed

If our products don't satisfy you for any reason, send us an email within 15 days of delivery and we will give you a refund.