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Finding a better whey

(see what we did there?)

Everyone needs protein in their diet, but the way we’re currently producing it is hurting our planet.

The meat industry is one of the worst offenders. It depletes water, sucks up fossil fuels, obliterates rain forests and is in general a big environmental dumpster fire. Livestock rearing isn't just wasteful, cow farts account for a whopping 23% of all climate change-causing greenhouse gases.

Stinks, huh?

Thinking about this made us sad. Then it made us want to do something positive. So we started with a simple question: why can't we have a healthy protein AND a healthy planet? And it turns out, we already have the answer — earthproof protein sources that aren't just abundant, but also sustainable and nutritious.

Complete proteins like insects, freshwater lentil and algae have been part of our diet since prehistory.

If we could swap out just a portion of the meat we currently eat with these awesome proteins, we could tackle malnutrition and the world's protein shortage, reduce waste, stop deforestation and slow climate change!

So that sounds pretty awesome, but guess what's even better?

Earthproof proteins are SUPER HEALTHY!

We're talking low calorie, low carb, bioavailable proteins that are easy for our bodies to digest, filling and full of a complete set of essential nutrients and all the building blocks a body needs.


So why compromise?

If you want to be healthy AND save the planet, get Earthproof Protein, and get some sustainable proteins into your life. Let's do this!