Cricket Protein Shake

Our cricket protein powder sustains you and the environment, so you feel good about fueling up.

Makes Great Protein Shakes ★★★★★

Super happy to have a delicious alternative like this that is fully Canadian and sustainable with a low impact on the environment. About time an easy and great alternative made it to the masses! - Sean Choutino


As a frequent consumer of vegan and hemp proteins, I know they are not always the best tasting or textured. I gave this a try and it blended so well with frozen fruit and added a lovely hint of vanilla to the flavour. It also has a better nutritional profile than vegan protein, which makes it great for non-meat eaters like myself. -Tara Price

Must Try! ★★★★★

My first time using cricket powder and it did not disappoint! Highly recommend, great addition to your morning smoothie! - Kait Fralic