Our Story

Finding a better way 🌏

Amid climate change, "carbon footprint" reduction is often top of mind. Yet, mindful food choices can help shrink your "food print," which is the environmental impact of food we eat, including the amount of land required to produce it and the amount of carbon dioxide produced.

A better path to complete protein 💪

Essential for health, protein forms from amino acids, nine of which must come from food since our bodies can't make them. These essentials define complete proteins, vital for muscles, bones, hormones, and enzymes. They also serve as energy sources.

Complete proteins mainly exist in animal products like meat, fish, dairy, while soybeans stand out among plants. Incomplete proteins from grains, fruits, nuts, and more lack some essentials, remaining distinct yet less comprehensive.

Two of the main sources of our complete protein consumption are meat and dairy. Meat and dairy operations claim a staggering 83% of agricultural land, spanning 30% of the Earth's surface. These sectors are responsible for 18% of greenhouse gases, utilizing vast amounts of water and energy.  

So we got to thinking 🧐

Thinking about this made us sad but motivated. We asked a simple question: why can't we have a healthy protein AND a healthy planet?

And it turns out, we already have the answer — crickets 🦗

Wait you said crickets right? like the bugs? O yes we did. Before you think that we sell crickets in a bag, let's discuss. 

Entomophagy, the consumption of bugs and insects, is an age-old practice that remains integral to diets worldwide. However, this natural food source has been overshadowed by mass-produced protein options such as meat. 

Who can resist the charm of reviving the classics with a modern flair?

We did something about it 👊

At EarthProof, we're on a mission: tasty products packed with cricket nutrition, empowering you to nurture the planet through your diet. 


Join the cricket revolution, slash emissions, save land and water! 

EarthProof isn't just food; it's a lifestyle. Sparking choices that reshape more than plates. Championing fierce sustainability. It's not just eating; it's paving a greener world.