Why Crickets?

Good For You and The Earth 🌏 💪

Ever find yourself asking, “why can’t I have a protein that’s good for me AND the planet?” Us too, it’s why we started a sustainable protein company.

We love to say, “Good For You and The Earth” but let’s dive into why crickets are good for the earth and provide some needed context sourced from the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN) and the David Suzuki Foundation).

Crickets are an excellent source of complete protein, containing all nine essential amino acids that the body cannot produce and must obtain from food. At EarthProof, we aim to help consumers of animal protein eat sustainably.

Meat, dairy, pork, and other traditional livestock are some of the primary sources of complete protein in today's world. However, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the David Suzuki Foundation, these industries account for 83% of agricultural land use, taking up 30% of the Earth's surface. Livestock rearing is responsible for approximately 18% of greenhouse gas emissions, higher than the transportation sector. Furthermore, these industries require massive amounts of water and feed.

What makes crickets a more sustainable source of protein for the environment when compared to other animal proteins? 

- Less Feed. For 1kg of each animal protein, beef requires 8 - 10kg of feed, pork requires 5kg, and crickets require only 1.7kg - 2kg of feed.

- 80% of a cricket is edible and digestible, compared to 55% for chicken and pigs and 40% for cattle.

- 1kg of beef needs between 16000 and 22000L of water, 1 kg of pork requires 3500L, and 1kg of crickets requires less than 100L.

- Crickets emit 100x less greenhouse gases than pork and beef.

- Crickets can be vertically farmed indoors in urban areas, freeing up land for restoration.

Crickets present a complete protein-packed dietary alternative to traditional animal protein that is better for the environment and allows us to be mindful of our “foodprint,” which is the environmental impact of the food we eat, including the amount of land required to produce it and the amount of carbon dioxide produced.

So let's work together to help make people healthier and care for our earth at the same time! 

Because crickets are tiny, but mighty, they’re packed with protein, insanely nutritious, and best of all — sourcing protein from crickets means less of an impact on the environment.